Arsenal should forget about the CL and focus on the Premier League

Arsene Wenger himself has stated that Barcelona are 95% through into the next round of the Champions League especially after the Spanish club claimed a 2-0 triumph over Arsenal in the first leg.

Arsenal now has the task of defeating Barcelona in Camp Nou with a deficit of 2 goals which is an incredibly difficult thing to do, not impossible but very hard.

Even with this recent defeat of Arsenal, they have been going through a superb season as the Premier League club is positioned in the top spots of the English club and have a realistic chance of becoming the new champions of England and this path is the easier one to fulfill.

Former star of Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand voiced his thoughts about what Arsenal should do and the retired player believes that Arsene Wenger should allocate all of his resources in pushing for the Premier League and leave everything else behind.

“Barcelona are capable of beating any team on the planet on any given day so you can’t really judge them on that. The Premier League this year has been so inconsistent, especially from the top teams like Chelsea, Man City and Manchester United. You’d say this is the year that Arsenal should go on and win it and if they don’t then I’m sure questions will be asked of Arsene Wenger.” Rio Ferdinand said.

The Premier League has always been the main objective of Arsene Wenger and now it’s his chance to do finally fulfill it.

Despite having lost against Barcelona, the performance that Arsenal displayed was something memorable and impressive as the Premier League club managed to hold their ground against a team that is widely considered to be the best in the history of the sport and they still were able to not only keep the scoreboard goal-less during the entirety of the first half but Arsenal also had a number of occasions where they could’ve score and taken the lead.

This is the kind of performance that Arsenal has to make for the remainder of the season and Arsene Wenger cant allow this defeat to plague the squad with negativity as their best chance to finally win the Premier League is within their grasp.