Ashley Was in Top form in Villa’s Win Over Hotspur


Ashley Young has been staying active in the Premier League games, being part of the team that participated in the World Cup 2022. Even after that, Aston Villa, Ashley’s team, stayed in the game, even before the Premier League 2023 commenced.

Once Premier League games resumed, Aston Villa played Tottenham Hotspur in North London on New Year’s day. Douglas Luiz and Emiliano Buendia were active in scoring goals for their team. As a result Aston Villa obtained a win with a score of 2-0. This was over Tottenham Hotspur which added to their leaderboard points as well. Ashley’s teammates Luiz and Buendia increased the advantage that they got 73rd minute into the game and took over the game from the hosts.

Aston Villa is currently in the 12th position on the leaderboard. Ashley’s team has gained a total of 21 points from the opening games, 17 in number, of this campaign. Spurs is now in the fifth spot which has most people happy, especially with Harry Kane’s performance.

Ashley did do his part for helping his teams win this match as well. He prevented a header coming from Harry Kane. If he had not intervened the ball would have landed in the back of the goal. This was around five minutes before the first half of the match was over. Ashley threw him to keep the ball off, showing some great defensive skills. Of course, it was teamwork as well since Robin Olsen; the goalkeeper of Aston Villa also beat Kane by allowing a loose ball to come into the net. As he did his part, Buendia also fired at Spur’s net. The result was a loss for Tottenham at their home ground.

This could also be because Ashley Young and others of Aston Villa were found playing a friendly match in Dubai, at a time when the other teams were taking a break from the games.

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