Ashley Young loves Cooking

You may go to world class restaurants and have the most delicious of the food items, but, still, none of them can match your favorite dish that your mother cooks for you at home.

However, for Footballers or for professionals of any field working out of their home towns, that’s something they don’t often get to have and most of the time, they have to rely on the readymade food items or have to work in the kitchen themselves.

That’s not a problem for Ashley Young though as his mother, despite living more than three hundred kilometres away from him, still makes sure that he is not deprived of the home-made dishes as she gets those dishes to reach him through courier every week.

Young’s parents actually belong to a Caribbean country. So, as a kid, most of the dishes that Young used to have were Caribbean only and those dishes then became his favourite as he was growing up.

But, he was not going to find Caribbean restaurants everywhere he went in the pursuit of his Football career. So, he tried to learn from his mother how to prepare those dishes, but, couldn’t quite get the hang of it.

However, that didn’t mean that he would have to give up on his favourite dishes. The mothers being mothers always find ways to put smile on the faces of their children and Young’s mother is no different.

As per Young, he likes the spices to be present in considerable amount in the dishes and the dishes that his mother make are exactly like that, full of spices and he enjoys that, but, he always has to keep a jug of water in front of him whenever he is having those dishes.


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