In a culture that rarely throws fanfare light on other players in a football pitch except the once occupying offensive positions, Michael Carrick’s latest ‘quiet’ extension of his stay at Man United is no surprise.

This is in pure contrast to how many drums would have been rolled had it been that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was in place of Carrick. The retired England midfielder belongs to a class of extremely important squad members who hardly get on the right fans’ prejudice.

The 35-year old joined United and help shaped the core of a team that would go on to lift 5EPL titles cups and a UEFA Champions League trophy.He is known for his cool headed personality and his efficient use and distribution of the round leather.

He is also one of the very few alongside David de Gea, to have kept putting in best displays carried on from the Sir Alex Ferguson era. It is with little surprise that the English man featured as a cornerstone for all managers that have taken the seat left behind by Ferguson. To put it mildly, United’s midfield hardly had control of any match in his absence.

That pathetic situation got remedied in breaking a world record for the very player they allowed to leave for free. And even at that, the midfield cannot be said to still being able to dominate matches in a manner a midfield containing the world’s most expensive player should.

For all his positive vibes and talents Paul Pogba still remains in need of a Pirloesque player inorder to function optimally in the middle of the park and for that, United’s extension of Carrick, although made by the sound-bite-chasing media to look not much of a big deal, might turn out to be their most important piece of business before next season’s kickoff.


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