Liverpool and Manchester United are interested in signing Aston Villa player Ashley young. However with both the teams looking to move in for the player it appears as though the player might finally move to a team that he would be worthy of playing amongst. The only stepping stone in both the team’s way at the moment is the ridiculous price tag that has been slapped onto the player. Aston Villa’s manager Gerard Houllier has currently expressed his concern about the player’s future at the club and has stated that he is well aware of the threat that the other big teams possess at the moment, as a result the manager has slapped a hefty eighty million pound evaluation on the player.

Ashley Young however at the moment doesn’t seem to be in any rush to leave the team in the near future. He is currently looking to finally fit in amongst the talent of younger players that has seemed to flood Villa Park this season and he would be looking achieve something at the club finally.

That being said any interest that is shown clubs like Liverpool or United will have some negative effect to like other clubs will also want a look into the matter and the player will himself start to estimate his new value.