Louis Van Gaal didnt lauded Players a lot

Unlike all the other managers in English Football, the Manchester United boss, Louis Van Gaal, does not like to laud his players that much even if they put in world class performances.

It’s hard to say whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but, sometimes, as a player, it can really do wonders to you if you play well and your manager wholeheartedly talks about your showing.

Take Ashley Young’s case for example. The veteran had been coping with a bit of a hard time in the last few seasons and then suddenly, this season, he has started cranking it up a little bit. Versus the Black Cats the previous week, he produced an absolute blinder of a show.

So, one would have supposed Van Gaal to come in pouring plaudits for the playmaker in the post match press conference, but, no, the Dutchman was pretty cold. He did acknowledge the fact that Young showed improvement, but, he refused to admit that the player was back to his best.

Van Gaal kept on emphasizing how important it was for Young and the other midfielders to work on the consistency.
Van Gaal has done his job as coach. He has worked hard on Young.

The manager should be credited for being flexible with the 30-year old by using him in different places and giving him the freedom to play the way he knows and he has got good response from Young, but, he is not satisfied.

He is a man of not many words, Van Gaal. People know that. It’s not that he does not speak at all. He does, but, he does not always go over the top. However, if he starts giving due praise to his players, it would help them a great deal.