A few years back, Aston Villa used to be a brilliant Premier League side and the one man who was largely responsible for that was none other than Ashley Young. The English winger was a star player at that time.

It’s not that he was finding the net almost in every game back then. But, the way he used to get rid of the defenders and set up the goals for the players upfront was just magnificent.

When Young made his way to Old Trafford a couple of years back, the expectations were massive with him. His signing had excited the Manchester United fans, but, those expectations were not fulfilled by the England international. He couldn’t do justice to his potential at Manchester United and now, it seems that the time has come for his Manchester United career to get over. There have been reports that the 28 years old winger is in the list of the players whom David Moyes wants to offload during the upcoming mid-season transfer window.

Young had actually started with a bang at Old Trafford. He had finished his debut season i.e. the 2011-12 Season with 8 goals and 11 assists under his belt. But, in the last season, his game deteriorated big time. He couldn’t find the net even a single time for the Red Devils and ended up with just 5 assists. If you are a winger, you can’t get away with only 5 assists in a season and that too when you are playing for a club like Manchester United.

A couple of highly talented wingers in the form of Adnan Januzaj and Wilfried Zaha are emerging out for United and David Moyes probably doesn’t need Young at the moment.
The out of form Fulham is planning to place bids for Young in January and that might prove to be a good deal for them. They are not in a very good position in the League points table and Young’s experience might be helpful for them.