Ashley Young will not feature for Manchester United in the upcoming FA Cup fixture against Swansea City because of the shoulder injury that he suffered against Tottenham Hotspur.

The English winger collided with the opposition shot stopper in that game against the Spurs and got injured. He might have to remain out for a long period of time due to that injury. The Red Devils manager, David Moyes, told that to the reporters in a press conference yesterday.

Most of the people reckon that the Tottenham goalie Hugo Lloris should have been shown red card for that challenge against Young and a penalty should have been handed to United. But, Howard Webb who was refereeing that game didn’t have the same opinion as he refused to do either of these two things. United eventually got beaten by 1-2 in that game.

Moyes also believes that not to send Lloris off for that challenge was a bit unfair on referee’s part in Wednesday’s game.

When asked about Young’s availability for the match against Swansea, the Scottish manager said, “I think Ashley will have to spend some time on the sidelines. However, right now, I can’t tell you exactly for how many weeks he would not be playing,”

When asked if he thinks that the video technology should be used during the matches to avoid wrong decisions being made by the referees, Moyes said, “There is no doubt in my mind that the referee took a wrong decision in that Tottenham match, but, still, I don’t want the use of video technology for these sort of things. We should leave it in the hands of the referees. There will always be a few wrong calls here and there as they are also human beings.”

United’s match against Swansea will take place at their home ground Old Trafford.