The latest decisions of Louis van Gaal have baffled Ashley Young

AFC Bournemouth is an English club that for the first time in their history is competing in the Premier League and so far has maintained themselves slightly above the relegation zone. Bournemouth isn’t so well known compared to other clubs but they have recently been in the spotlight of the media after claiming successive triumphs over Chelsea and Manchester United.

One of the main reasons of why Louis van Gaal has been receiving so much criticism lately is due to this loss that they suffered when playing against AFC Bournemouth and there also was a number of events which occurred in the match that has baffled the supporters of Manchester United as well as Ashley Young.

In this match, Louis van Gaal used up all of his 3 substitutions but the decisions he made in relation to these substitutions is what has surprised many people.
The first substitution of Manchester United was made in the 31st minute when Jesse Lingard had to be removed from the pitch after receiving a hit and he was replaced by the youngster Pereira.

The 2nd change occurred in the 2nd half when the 21 year old Nick Powell entered the playing grounds in place of MarouaneFellaini. The final swap arrived in the 90th minute when Phil Jones replaced Patrick McNair.

Why was Ashley Young left on the sidelines and left unused while these other youngsters were given playing time? That’s the question that the supporters of Manchester United and Ashley Young himself want to have responded.

Ashley Young has been praised throughout this entire season and in this match that Manchester United eventually lost he was simply left in the sidelines.

The 30 year old player was also left on the bench during Manchester United’s draw against Leicester City and West Ham United.