What does the future hold for Ashley Young?

When Ashley Young joined Manchester United back on June of 2011, in his debut season at Old Trafford, the English winger was able to make 25 appearances and during the upcoming 4 seasons it has maintained around that amount.

For the majority of those seasons, Ashley Young was a regular starter as he consistently managed to make appearances into the pitch even if some of them arrived from the sidelines, he did get time to showcase his skills in the actual playing ground.

However, with the arrival of Jose Mourinho to Manchester United, Ashley Young has experienced a significant drop to the bench as the Portuguese coach does not appear to be a big supporter of Ashley Young and prefers to utilize the services of other players.

During the latest English Premier League season of 2016-17, Ashley Young had to settle with only making 12 appearances and 4 of those arrived from the bench as a substitute player.

The 31 year old English winger has a contract with Manchester United which extends until June of 2018 but considering just how much he has fallen in the ranks of the English Premier League club, his future could be better off if Young opts to make a summer exit from Old Trafford during the current transfer window which will be shutting down on August 30.

Considering the fact that Ashley Young will be reaching the 32 year old mark on July 9, the English player is entering the twilight stages of his playing career and it would be wise for him to seriously acknowledge how he wants to spend the final days of his professional career.

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