Arsenal aiming for short term success

Arsenal has been quite active in the transfer market recently. They have already made a few signings and a few more are on the cards.

Those who are following Arsenal’s transfer activities closely would have realized that this time around, for some reason, they are going just for the players who have a big reputation in the game already.

Sanchez’s deal has been secured by the Gunners, while, Mathieu Debuchy’s deal is on the verge of getting finalized.

Now, Arsenal is looking for a midfielder who can play in a defensive role quite effectively. Lars Bender was supposed to be on the Gunners’ radar for that position, but, recently, a new name has popped up in the form of the German international Sami Khedira.

Khedira, who is presently a part of the European Cup Champions Real Madrid, is indeed a big name in the game. There is no doubt about his potential. But, he is not the fittest bloke in the world and his attitude can be very languid at times. These are the reasons why he is a bit underrated in Spain.

The second thing is his age. He is not a young man by any means and in the last 12 months, the way he has played, it seems he has started to go in the downward direction.

Obviously, whenever you are to make a new signing, you see if the player you are going for is good enough to fulfil your needs or not and Khedira ticks that box as he is definitely the kind of midfielder that the Gunners need, but, can he become a better player than he currently is? Or have his best days already passed? The Arsenal management will have to think about that too.